Friday, January 8, 2016


It's a new dawn, a new day, and I'm feeling

just ok.

It's been a strange, and hard winter thus far. But it was hard even before it was winter. It was hard being unemployed. Then it became hard working in retail. And it was hard to get turned down from another job after another set of interviews

and it's another disappointment.

But hey. Like the kind lady at Church said to me on Sunday "It means God didn't want you there. He wants you somewhere else." It sure appears that way.

Today. I'm taking another step in finding where that place might be: I'm applying to attend to University Education to attain my bachelors degree.

Here. We.

"I am three and half years out of any kind of learning institution. When I graduated from Hocking Technical College with my double associates degrees I never planned on returning to professional education for a bachelors degree. I fully intended on dedicating the rest of my career life to the Food Industry, with the hopes of one day owning my own establishment in the wine country Northern California. But as it turns out, working in food is an extremely high stress environment that was taking harsh and unexpected tolls on my physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. I gave a year and a half of my fully dedicated time to a job that left me with nothing but deep scars I am still healing from. I gave the industry another chance at a truly wonderful establishment, where I did a lot of healing and met a lot of the people that make the food industry so great. At the end of a year with them I finally realized cooking really is not for me.

After four months of deliberation, and consideration I have made the choice to return to professional education to take myself, my career, and my life in a completely new direction. Being a resident of Columbus, and having many friends who have studied and graduated from The Ohio State University (and many friends who are still studying), I believe that this great institution really is the best place for me to discover my next step in life.

I also believe that I am a great fit for this institution because I have previous college experience, I understand how classrooms work and how learning environments can be made better by caring and attentive students (or, sadly, the opposite). Seven years of cooking has taught me so much about independent responsibility, and claiming responsibility for things as my own, as well as the constant need for clear, and direct communication in situations where good communication is challenging. Three and half years out of college and out on my own has forced me to learn the crucial skills of time and money management as I have faced the trials of adulthood and the working lower-middle class."

I turns out this exceeds the character limit and I have to shorten this quite a bit....


  1. If I can return to higher education after being away from it for almost 20 years, anybody can, especially you. I am excited to hear about the next step in your journey we call life. I get inspired to do better things when I read stuff like this from the people I admire.

    Best of luck at OSU!

    1. Thank you so much for your friendship and kind words.

    2. Thank you so much for your friendship and kind words.